Month: October 2010

Steel’s Diamond Dash

Saturday was the 2nd Annual Steel’s Diamond Dash. This years venue was at the Women’s Center on the Valdosta State University Campus.  What an amazing site to see  approximately 300 people searching around town and on campus for clues to lead them to the grand prize of a $12,000 Lazare Diamond Ring.  When the hunt was over, all the participants gathered back at the Women’s Center for lunch and announcement of the winners.  Since the game was played using texted clues to your cell phone, it was only fitting that in silence, the winner was called on their cell phone.  The energy was electrifying when the winning couples cell phone started to ring.  I thought nothing could top that, until when presented with the engagement ring, the young man dropped to one knee and proposed to his girlfriend right there in front of about 350 people and she said yes!  Thank you to the Steel’s and Black Crow Media’s Hot 102.7 for asking me to participate this year.

Now let’s watch the proposal!  Congratulations!!


2nd Annual Steel’s Diamond Dash

Hello everyone!  I am currently participating as a sponsor for the 2nd Annual Steel’s Diamond Dash.  Steel’s Jewelry has hidden a $12,000 Lazare Kaplan Diamond Ring somewhere near the Valdosta State University campus.  Enter the Diamond Dash Scavenger Hunt for your chance to win!! Good Luck!  You can enter through Hot 102.7 website at  and then click on the “Steel’s Diamond Dash” link or go directly to .