Our Life

Ooh La La

As unbearable as the Dallas Summer can be, the first peek and anticipation of Fall can be just as inspiring. As I left my apartment this morning, I felt lighthearted and excited about trying a new bistro that had opened just a couple of blocks away. The morning walk was full of sunshine and a crispness that hinted Autumn was on its way. As I turned the corner where the little bistro is situated, the shadows of a high rise blocked the sun and the temperature dropped, beckoning the call with scents of fresh pastries and coffee. The outside of this little gem was reminiscent of a Parisian café with outside tables that met the sidewalk. As I went inside I was met by the friendliest of “good mornings” and suggestions for their morning selections. I took a seat in a nestled corner by one of the windows. From the music, to the staff, to the food; everything was served up with a quiet grace. I enjoyed the most heavenly Quiche Lorraine (which is saying a lot, because I thought I made the best), nibbles of the flakiest Pain Au Chocolat and a Hazelnut Latte, complete with foamed leaf in mismatched china…ooh la la! So, if you find yourself, anytime in the near future, in Uptown Dallas, stop by the Mercat Bistro and enjoy a delightful experience.

Happy New Year

What a wonderful holiday season here at the Bosworth House.  We took some much needed time off and spent time with friends and family.  I am anxious to get back to work and can’t wait to see what this New Year brings my way!

What? Our baby is 18???

Oh my!  Could it really be?  Please indulge this mom’s great sadness/happiness in publishing our Jake’s 18th Birthday morning!  The cakes are his favorite books growing up that we read over and over and over.. oh well you get the point.  Sheep In A Jeep, The Giving Tree, Green Eggs and Ham and Happy Birthday Moon. Happy Birthday Jake!!!

Hello world!

Okay!  I had to start somewhere, so this is it!  Follow me as I learn to navigate WordPress and share my world of custom invitations with the world!  Wish me luck!